I’m sure i have a few readers..I’m back for you..

please visit my new location

im sorry for being out of the game for so long


Craigslist Moron of the Day – 7.20.07

A simple moron i found…


Craigslist Moron of the Day – 7.11.07

this guy thinks he can make up  lost money in his audio…that is a complete rip off…

Gas prices + midwest = uncool

ok, so im looking around and seeing that gas is unbelievably high compared to what the midwest should be…why am i staring at gas prices that are over $3.10+?

i remember what gas was $0.87 per gallon when i was a kid…

i’m getting hosed…

Craigslist Moron of the day – 7.08.07

another kid trying to rip people off… while trying to pay for their xbox360s..

Time Warner Faqs….not very good..

Time warner cable doesn’t have a very good ‘faq’ page…