use your cell

i just saw a post on lifehacker about giving up a landline..i believe in it…particularly because i dont use one. I am strictly on cell phone usage…nowadays with so much minutes..who needs a landline? DSL..maybe, but why not just get cable instead? If you live in the boonies then i cant help you, you’re forced to pay for a connection


workin on my website..

makin the website i got better everyday..hard for someone with little html skills..

i cant remember

i cant remember what i was going to talk about,but thats ok, im sure no one reads this..

dang..what the hell was i gonna write?

went to soccer game (wizards) 7.29.06

soccer game last night, was winning 1-0 until the last 5 minutes of stoppage time.  then tied 1-1…

crazy, neighbor complained about my “noise disturbance” when we were playing poker last night…what a load

xbox mod

modding xbox’s are fun, but its really a pain to do the harddrive replacement…7min to mod, plus a hour or so for a hd swap..

silly kids..paying rediculous amounts for games

summer semester

over…fantastic its over…freakin a…PROJECTS…hip hip


bubbleshare is a pretty good program to share photos..i prefer it over flickr..i dont know the restrictions, but i havent hit any yet…so hopefully all goes well..gif format prntscrn