did you ever have one of those days where you wanted to punch a baby seal in the face?

i have,but today wasn’t one of them…

i saw a large black man corner another large white man in the bathroom today at umkc, i thought he was gonna start beatin the shit out of him.  it would be the equivalent of shaq and dirk goin at it…


urinal etiquette

ok, so there are 3 urinals without dividers that i was just in, im at the far left, and this guy walks in and goes right next to me.  Does he not understand the 1 urinal minimum spacing that we all do? common decency you know.

another amusing thing that i observed was a blond haired blue eyed girl looking up information on Adolf Hitler…benefit of the doubt? i think not, she is definitely going to attempt some underground movement.


slope.JPGso looking at this graph, you can obviously see the slope is positive and decreasing, and then changes to a slope that is negative and increasing.

today in microecon, a guy asks, “so the slope is positive, negative, and then positive?”

i can’t even begin to show my frustration… just another one to be systematically eliminated…


listedwrong.com is a pretty nice addition to your ebay needs, it looks for mispelled searches so you can take advantage of those people who type poorly. a new way to get deals that no one sees…

is that a lamb?

so my girlfriend and i are driving to 7-11 this morning, and she sees someone walking a dog, well she says, “that looks like a lamb”…”IS IT A LAMB?!”

now i didnt see it, but it had to be one of the fluffiest white dogs ever made

a walk in the park

today as i was looking at the park, a guy was playing with his dog.  he then walked up to the fountain and started the water.  his dog proceeded to get up on two legs and drink to his hearts content.

for all you dedicated readers, as few as you may be

lately nothing of interest has occured, but i hope to see some human stupidity soon.  it is, afterall, inevitable.

oh, i did see a parking lot accident involving two very very old women.  that was pretty funny.  ive never seen such slow movement before as they tried to take pictures and trade information.  i think i probably got all of my grocery shopping done by the time they left.