Nichol’s 24 Lunch…closed? kansas city, MO

I went by the diner yesterday night, and there was a big red sign that said it was CLOSED… is it out of business now? did the health dept. shut it down?  That place was the place to be…24 hours…i will miss it so..


mini sd card…

so a guy in kc, i dont want to use his name, but lets just call him tan kevin, is selling mini sd cards, well he wanted 30 for it, i asked for 15, he responded “NO WAY, it sells for $50″…

BULLSHIT!!! it sells for $20 plus 5 shipping at…  for $30 i can get the kingston mini sd card with a lifetime warranty instead of the “transcend brand”…

what a dirty piece of crap…

if you’re gonna sell stuff, you have to have some common courtesy in dealings.

sneaky bastard…

so i was using craigslist to post some subs that i wanted to sell/trade away… this guy emails me asking for pictures…i took them, but as it turns out, he was trying to catch the person who stole his gear…what a dbag, he could have just asked me.


here is some more “stupid” for you

im not trying to be mean, but i just have to point this out…im sitting in a lab and i hear, and i quote, “is sincerity a word?”    


always run with scissors

did you know there is actually a world rock/paper/scissors society? there are competitions and all that jazz…

anyways, heres how to win, i first saw this on lifehacker, now im’ forwarding it to you dedicated readers.rps.JPG


UMKC dbag that should be eliminated from society

ok, in a computer lab you should have the common decency to look over your papers that you print before just taking the whole stack and stapling them together. I tried to print 3 times before getting my papers because this big white bearded hick trash piece of crap kept on taking my papers and stapling them to his stack without even looking…I even put headers on my papers so one can CLEARLY see they are not theirs but mine…damn white trucker trash…


Advertisements : is it really that good of a program?

so i was on lifehacker and saw the post for, a place where college students can share notes and theoretically get better grades, etc ,etc… but is it really that good? in my personal experience the people that had the best notes or information dont avidly share their notes. I also dont know how much i trust another person to provide adequate notes…what if things are wrong? You could endup screwing yourself…now if you are a person who doesnt go to class, and doesnt know anyone, and doesnt read the textbooks…well this is the site for you.