i just bought a sony fs980 (UPDATE)

[this seems to be a great laptop, i’m not sure yet how well it does, but for the last two days, its performed well…its a M 1.73, with 1gb ram, 80gb hd, dl dvd, 15.4in widescreen…etc.etc..nice thin package.]

I played with it for a bit last night. The Bootup is not lightning fast even after tuning it..down to 14 blue bars @ startup. The fan is quiet, but has a very highpitch ring to it, and turns on fairly quickly without much intense laptop use.. heat dissipation is pretty good, the pc doesnt get too hot so i gues the fan does a pretty good job.

***[for information on tweaks that i did, i have a new post on 9/14/06]



  1. I just bought my VAIO FS980 last night. First startup loaded so many things, of which, I would like to have your recomemdations for what to keep and what to uninstall, if you can provide me with that info.
    I am a novice PC user, but I bought the FS980 for it’s portability and would like to use it to record DVD’s from my home TiVo DVR (which has a copy to VCR function) and would like to know if you can suggest an interface device to best connect the devices, or point me in a direction to find such devices.
    I greatly appreciate any suggestions you can provide.
    Thank you.

  2. i made a new post about some minor adjustments.

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