another public restroom story…

i think its funny when people answer cell phones while going to the bathroom, dont you?

today, there was a guy a few urinals down from me, and he answers his phone while doin his business…is that really sanitary putting your face into urine spray?

just my 2 cents


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  1. Cell Phones:
    I remember when cell phones were only for drug dealers, and now everyones snot-nosed brat has one. Parents will get you a cell phone with tracking now so they can always know where you are and they can always call you and tell you to get your ass home.

    I don’t think its funny to answer a cell phone while going to the bathroom. I think its pathetic and annoying. Don’t these cell phone adicts know that these things cause brain cancer?

    I hate it when you are talking to a friend or relative and their damn cell phone rings every 10 minutes interrupting your conversation. Now I just walk off. I guess I should just call them if I want to talk to them.

    What is with these fancy ring tones? It’s a damn phone for crap sake, not a radio. It should just say: RING RING!

    I hate cell phones.

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