SONY FS980 – Personal Specs.


I had a request from a reader to tell what to take off of the computer. Sony does put a whole bunch of useless crap on that model.

FIRST OFF! Make a backup recovery disc using sony’s program (they have an icon on the desktop already), you will need 8 cdr OR 1 DVDR.

Now that we have that settled, I personally like to make my computer speedy (i dont need all the graphical stuff, so go into the control panel, and find the option for “changing performance settings”…you should set that to optimim performance (that basically unchecks all the fancy graphics and puts the computer into a classic look – grey bars, etc)…

In the documents section, sony has included a movie and a preview…that is a useless waste of 2 GB of your hard drive, Delete those.

Aol has an explorer, and a bunch of other crap software – i suggest to delete and replace with the browser “MOZILLA”…

ONTO ANTIVIRUS: If you dont want to pay, use AVG free from Grisoft…and uninstall norton…If you dont mind paying, Use the program NOD32, and uninstall norton…

I didn’t notice much of a boot time saver, but i do this anyway, in the control panel, there is a folder called fonts. I suggest making a new folder in another area (like my documents “called FONTS”), and then move unneccessary fonts over. You can also shut down useless programs that start up by going to “run”, and typing services.msc…

Research around the net for what you can and cannot shut down, or find someone who can look at that for you and do it appropriately, each user has different needs.

*For moving TIVO shows to the computer GOTO:
Any specific questions, just ask.


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