ebay enemy screenname: limerence

what a d-bag…i lost a bid to a person using a sniper program in the final seconds…what a load of crap…

what does limerence mean anyway?..wikipedia.com: Limerence is an involuntary cognitivejoy or as extreme despair, depending on the perceived behavior of the “limerent object,” the person whose returned feeling is wished for. and emotional state characterized foremost by intrusive thinking, longing for reciprocation, and sensitivity to external events that signify uncertainty on the one hand, and hope of reciprocation on the other. It can be experienced as intense

or does it simply mean a fatty bag of douche?

it just isnt right…you got to play by the rules on ebay, the good old fashion way of bidding..isn’t that what makes our society work?

auction sniper.com…i’ll get you back for this…dont worry


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