my latest run in with a ps3 preorder $1600

some person at UMKC is trying to sell their ps3 preorder for $1600…what a dbag


craigslist moron of the day – 10.31.06

paperclip? are you fuckin kidding?

ripping dvd’s – adam pash is going to be taken away

now i dont know how the government will get him, but when you post things like this, you’re bound to get some attention and go up on the radar…

full story

the prestige…batman vs wolverine

i thought this movie was spectacular, special effects are lacking, but when you have a wicked good plot, does it really matter? anyone who likes a good story, go see this…

movie theater bathroom: air dryer + electric socket

movie theater bathroom: air dryer + electric socket = badness waiting to happen.

so theres this hand dryer that is directly above the electric socket…so it blows all the water from your hand in that direction…can’t be good

guy goes straight to cut me off from the right turn lane…

this dbag decided to go straight, hence cutting me off, from a lane that was supposed to turn right…i guess i shouldn’t be nice and just block up both lanes next time..

by the way, he is in westport in kansas city,MO

zona rosa – parking spot stealer…

so i have my blinker set up waiting for a car to leave, and as soon as my spot opens up, this 40ish year old couple fly into my spot, those fuckin rich bastards at zona rosa…