performance peddler ( – review

do i trust a site that cant spell or use the correct word on their site?

it should read “new products were added to the website…”

it turns out i do trust this place, and would buy from them.


In the main page, log in as “vwvortex4u” or “ebay4p”…

*UPDATE – new discount code pending

well, it turns out that if you just call them up, they’ll give you forum prices, which is usually lower than other places that i’ve seen online.  I know sometimes it’s not a HUGE difference in price, but there is always little difference…you can definitely save some money at this place…just remember that it’s pretty costly to send stuff back to them, so make sure you buy the right thing the first time.

update: i bought some magnaflow stuff from them, and it came very fast, and at a good price. I would have to recommend to anyone. hopefully they can give me a good deal on some suspension products…(tokico illuminas)

update_2: i got the illuminas now as well…i like their service as well.  great company.



  1. Should we trust a critique from someone that doesn’t realize that “cant” is actually “can’t”?

    Just kidding dude. Email us for a discount code to reward you for your word sleuthing.

  2. But then again, I should have use said – Should we trust a critique from someone who doesn’t realize “cant” is actually “can’t”?


  3. “I should have said” You need an edit function.

  4. Nice Blog!

  5. Performance Peddler is a great company. I deal with them. Please visit my website and critique it all you want. But send us some biz!!! Thanks

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