the boyfriend pillow…are you serious?

 this was on slickdeals today…i couldn’t believe it…

if you really want it, just click the picture…


snowfall prediction (dot gov)…in 64111

I saw a hummer limo with a neon underbody kit the other day

Weird license plate – ABUHHH

im not bashing this guy, but what does ABUHHH mean? and why get it as your plate?

2007 Acura TL-S

i haven’t driven this yet, but it looks fantastic…here are some pictures…

why would you want an upsidedown christmas tree…for over $100?

a list of cars that my family of 3 including myself, has had

Before i was born my dad had a ’77 corvette

Then when my parents bought the house that vette disappeared and my dad and mom got some blue chevy, i dont remember what it was obviously…

my mom swapped that chevy for an ’88 honda accord and my dad got a little red toyota pickup truck

somewhere along the way he also aquired a late 80’s BMW 7 series

he traded the bmw to his friend for a ford bronco 2

then we got rid of the bronco and he bought my uncle’s volvo station wagon..

in the mid 90’s, my dad traded in the volvo, and got a ’95 nissan maxima for himself

my dad bought a ’97 honda magna (motorcycle) from the harley dealer brand new…

in 1998 we got our 2nd NEW car, my dad got rid of the ’88 accord and the truck and got my mom a brand new ’98 nissan maxima

in 2000 my dad got rid of his maxima and got a ’00 honda accord

my first car was a ’92 isuzu rodeo that was $1000…that was soon sold and i upgraded to a ’95 ford explorer

my dad bought a ’98 chevy silverado w/z71 package in ’03 or ’04 i think..

sold the explorer and picked up my dad’s accord for kbb value…my savings was gone…

in ’05 my mom got rid of her maxima and got a’05 toyota highlander

then in ’06 my dad and mom split the cost of an ’06 honda civic to save on gas

so the next car we get will most likely be my dad’s, and im pretty sure it’ll be the g35 coupe, or the sedan awd, or the 350z….who knows…

15 cars in my lifetime so far…im 21 now, and its only us 3…damn thats a lot of cars