Why i almost died today…

yup, i almost died today, i was almost T-boned on my driver’s side.  I had a green (which was green for a while before i came up to the intersection), and perpendicular to my left was a black 04 2dr cavalier flying down the road at 50 mph  *est. (HER light was clearly red, and had been for quite some time)

I was turning right at the intersection, so i had slowed down to take the turn, when out of the corner of my eye i see the cavalier coming from my left, I realized it was not going to stop at the red light, and i slammed on my brakes, she hurled past me and I went to follow (that way i could get a description)…

Had i been going straight instead of turning right, i would most likely have been killed instantly.  The only reason i saw her was because i slowed down to turn, i would have been going 40 mph if i was going straight…She would have t-boned me and at the very least paralyzed me…but most likely, i would have died and started on my journey towards the light…
Yes, suspect was female, probably in her early 20’s who almost killed me, WHITE, brown curly hair that was probably 6 in past shoulder length.  In the passenger seat was a guy, but i couldn’t really see.  There was some girl in the backseat who i also couldn’t make out…but i do know that they were all WHITE

This incident was just another reaffirmation that WHITE, YOUNG, WOMEN, shouldn’t drive…

I wonder why i decided to turn right, i could have gone straight to head home, but i decided to take the main route…maybe i have a bigger purpose in life…or maybe something on a higher level saved me… who knows..



  1. Oh please. Asians are the all time worst drivers.

  2. I wonder why God saved your life when you curse at him all the time.

  3. I’ll get some mexican to stab you meow

  4. Let’s add to the list of people that shouldn’t drive:
    1. all asian and white women. Black women should be restricted to the shoulder where they can do their usual 20mph in a 55.
    2. all FOBs.
    3. Rich white guys under 22 in SUVs and german cars (VW doesn’t count).
    4. Annikon and his “domestic rice.”
    5. Non-black guys in cars that should only be driven by black guys.
    6. cavaliers.
    7. cars that poeple pay to make loud, but not fast.
    8. Mexicans should also be limitted to driving on the shoulder with black women, and should only be allowed to drive cars that are obviously mexican as well such as low riders, anything neon purple and green, or cars that are supposed to have doors and hoods but don’t.

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