Td tagged a curb…we blame it on the schoolbus…

i’ll update the story later, or have him write out what happened, but here is the outcome, a busted tire…

and later when we left the area, his spare had died as well…



  1. ok, what kind of fukcing spare died you too?? GENIUS .. WTF!? >_

  2. […] yesterday, td, hco and i went up north to the filapina restaurant to study. well, td blew a tire and joyce had to come and get us. hco has the pictures i took. td tried to inflate the spare, but that didn’t go so well. so now he’s car is sitting outside a gas station. […]

  3. “ok, what kind of fucking spare died you too?? GENIUS..WTF!?”

    I believe I speak for all English speaking peoples when I say, “What?”

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