Meredith Hoenes (hostess of ‘the spot’) is pretty cool

i watch the spot almost every night to catch ‘the king of queens’, and the hostess, Meredith Hoenes, was nice enough to send me an autographed picture…

An interview “it’s all about her”

What is your favorite substitute curse word?
Growing up, “son of a biscuit”…now a days, I just say “son of a.”

What sound or noise do you love?
Little kids laughing. It’s infectious!

What sound or noise do you hate?
People chomping on ice.

What is your greatest pet peeve?
I have to pick just one? Drivers in the left lane going the speed limit or slower and they don’t move!

What is your quilty pleasure?
Nutella! On strawberries especially, but a spoon will do just fine.

If you HAD to leave KC, where would you choose to live and why?
It would be nice to try New York or near the wine country in California. Columbia, MO if I was staying close to home. And Italy or Greece if I was going over seas.

Who would you most like to meet and why?
I’d like to meet the first woman President. When it happens, it means women are getting closer to destroying stereotypes and expectations set by social ideals. Women have ruled over countries for centuries, but we barely can elect women into congress and the senate.

Who has most influenced your life and why?
My parents. They raised me with morals, confidence and strength; ingredients for success. All of mine I credit to them.

What was your favorite band growing up?
Bon Jovi, Kenny Rogers and Michael Jackson. Especially, Michael Jackson. I had the doll, the glove, t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, etc…it was “BAD.”

What is a stupid thing you did as a kid (or as an adult?)
Just one, huh? I was 14 probably, and wanted to go out to my friend Carrie’s house about a mile out of town. My parents and older sis weren’t around, but her car was at the house. I drove out to Carrie’s and made my little sister, who would have been about 11, drive back home. She couldn’t drive a stick and ended up leaving it parked about half way home. She had to get my brother, 13, to go and get it. I don’t think my parents ever found out.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
People see the TV side; the hair, the make-up, the clothes. First thing I do after work? Wash my face, put on comfy clothes and throw the hair in a ponytail. I’d rather wear no make-up than any make-up.

What profession other than your own, would you like to attempt?
I may have to go back to what I thought I was always going to be growing up…a vet. I’d also love to try marine biology or work at Sea World with the dolphins and whales. I’ve also wondered about photography.

What advice would you give someone following in your footsteps?
Be patient. Whether it’s moving up in a station, to bouncing around markets…things don’t happen over night. Enjoy what you learn at each step.

What’s your favorite indulgence?
Buying something new that’s not a necessity. A new blush, a new shirt, a piece of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. I don’t do it often, so it’s it a big deal when I do. The euphoria lasts for days!



  1. Dear Meredith , I think you are very cool I watch KC LIVE every morning, you are one of the best hostesses I havs seen and enjoy your cute quips on the spot !! What are the chances I could get an autographed picture of you ! You are very beautiful ! Your biggest fan, Allen Cline Odessa Mo

  2. Meredeth, You are the most gorgeous young lady on t.v. I never fail to watch when you are on.You have finally have been showing off that hot bod that you earlier had been hiding. You got it show it. I would love to have a autographed picture of you please.

    Dennis Gergick
    6908 nw Blair rd
    Parkville Mo. 64152

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