umkc computer labs don’t even install antivirus software correctly…

justin, this one is probably on you…



  1. hi dumbass,

    i go to UMKC, i work for the copmuter labs and I think your dumb on so many different levels that your literally insulting 5yr olds.

    so listen little girl, when u have profile issues you speak with IS lab attendants, dont come here and bitch, people reading your blog wont be able to do much can they?

    seriously, do u realize how dumb you sound sometimes? get a life or something. if u hate UMKC so much then leave dont sit here and bitch day and night.

  2. uh oh, i just looked at your bio, your a med student.
    what am i gonna do with that ennormous brain of yours???

    Well I take back what i said, specially the little girl part, im positive your a boy and all that.

    So, its not you fault that your having problems in the computer labs, you med freaks cant contain any information apart from whats taught in your classes, you are genuinely dumb and you can do NOTHING to change it. just live it. tsk tsk

  3. ok, you of all people should know that most of the IS lab assistants DO NOT KNOW what they are doing? hell, most of them are fobs who just try to solve everything by putting more paper in the printer…

    i think you’re the one that needs to chill the fuck out…

    and dont group me with other med students…im not interested in being associated with them…

    grow some balls and put your name up next time ok?

  4. this idiot should do some research before opening his “mouth.” what a pussy.

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