“dont worry, you’ll do fine”

why is it, that when you go into a test with other people, they always say, “dont worry, you’ll do fine”…

it’s not like the other person knows how much information you know, and how you’ll do…

does it really calm nerves? i personally think it’s stupid to give false hope…what if the person really is going to fuck up?…

i dunno, its just me maybe


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  1. I’ve discussed this with Mark before. Technically, like you say, you can take “Good luck” negatively in the sense that the other person is implying that you yourself are too stupid that you need “luck” to pull through on a midterm or a final. Of course, people mean well and this is not what they’re implying, but you could certainly take it the wrong way.

    As to whether it “calms nerves”, that’s largely dependent on the scenario in my opinion. If you’re fucked you’re fucked, there’s no way around it.

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