Functional, lazy, or a little bit of both?

Im watching this old guy look at VHS movies on the shelf, and his cane keeps on bumping into the shelf and making noise…

i looked carefully, and it is because his cane is ATTACHED by a cord to his wrist…

now, the question is it because he doesnt have the strength to carry the cane around? or because hes to lazy to do so? OR is it just an AWESOME idea to keep shit attached to you so you dont have to go pick it up later…

im lazy, so im going to attach stuff to myself now…

damn, im gonna go back to reading phys…



  1. “Fuctional?” Do you mean functional?

  2. ya, i meant functional…

  3. Yeah you can get a chain for your wallet and they have these cool ripcord key chains for your keys..guess you wouldn’t want them to get caught in an elevator door though or you’d end up at the Darwin Awards

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