Cell phones…

I was looking through reviews of cell phones, because i want to upgrade my phone since it misses calls constantly…

anyways, i came across some phones with mostly good user reviews, lets say 35 out of 40…of course i look for the bad reviews and read them…

heres a list of complaints…poor video, poor multimedia, only 1 speaker for mp3, bad music sounds…etc,etc…DAMN people, go buy a dedicated device for MP3, who the fuck cares if you dont have a cool ring tone, just use a regular ringer…why did phones have to become multiversed? use a cell phone for talking, thats all you need, go watch tv on the 50in plasma, go listen to mp3s on your ipod…damn people,

stop complaining about a cellphone not being good at someone else’s job and just let it do its own job…


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