Stupid Woman Blocks me from the shoulder Illegally

the picture pretty much explains it all…any police should pull her over for illegally driving on the shoulder…AND…the new AGGRESSIVE DRIVING should be applied to her…





  1. Come on Co, everyone drives like that.

  2. she couldn’t wait 2 seconds…literally…2 seconds

  3. We have bitch`s in Ireland like this as well, but in Ireland its possible and allowed to drive on hard Shoulders, the law is a gray area as are most rules are in Ireland when it comes to driving. Last week we had a goverment person telling us that we might in the future drive on the other side of road as in USA, and claimed that it could be fazed it over a few year, DONY CASEDY came up with this and other sillly stuff

  4. Well, if it was indeed a woman, then well, that would explain it. American women are raised to be so vappid, un-aware and just plain helpless that frankly they just CAN’T drive… First person who say’s Danica P… yeah and there’s a “dud here in Oregon having a Baby so, well shit happens… but mostly yeah women are awful drivers…

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