DIY repair on a budget…

a really really low budget…

this is a repair of a driver’s side headlight on a 2001 kia rio… we used a cd spindle case and some duct tape…

here is the instructables link … ENJOY…



  1. hey,

    Thanks for posting that instructable. It’s a pretty clever trick. I once saw someone who shrink wrapped the whole plastic rear bumper back onto their car and wished they had posted an instructable of that. I think this one ranks up there with a cheap and easy way to fix a car.

    Drive safe!
    (on behalf of the Instructables team)

  2. lol.. thanks for the laugh on your behalf. sorry about your car

  3. oh, thats not my car…it’s my friends car

  4. Oh even better. lol it’s good to laugh at misfortune of your friends. ;)

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