*UPDATE: Holy f-crap, i did something positive…


Dear Harvey C,

Request for Service Number:  2007051336
Date Created:  2007-05-23
Incident Location:  5163 WORNALL RD, Kansas City, MO, 64112, USA
Department:  Public Works-Street and Traffic-District 3

Your request for service was forwarded to the above department for action.  The department reports that your request for service has been resolved as follows:

Closed Date:  2007-05-29-

Solution:  Potholes repaired.

and i trusted the system…it just might have worked…

heres the email i just got about a big ass hole in the ground that torched my day old suspension upgrade…

Request for Service Number: 2007051336
Date Created: 2007-05-23
Incident Location: 5163 WORNALL RD, Kansas City, MO, 64112, USA
Department: Public Works-Street and Traffic-District 3

The City Manager’s 3-1-1 Action Center has received your request for service. The request has been forwarded to the appropriate city department for action. Upon completion of the request by the City Department(s), you will be notified of the results in writing.



  1. Very nice. I didn’t know you sent in a complaint.

  2. But I’m not surprise that you did.

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