Panera…the wedding planner…

this small group is sitting next to me, clearly planning a wedding…

the bride is extremely picky…i think they’ve been here for over 2 hours now…

the groom’s eyes have completely glazed over, and you know that head jerk/bob that people do when they’re falling asleep?…it’s happening…HA…

he could have done better…



  1. whoa. total overhaul of the blog. didn’t even recognize it.

  2. Wow… love your new page… did you do it yourself? Weddings…

    Spending your down payment on a house for the Sordid Affair $20,000

    Having an expensive cake smashed in your face $1000

    Everyone getting drunk and your best friend spilling your darkest secrets in front of the whole crowd for laughs $5000

    When the ink becomes dry on your divorce papers and wondering why you foolishly spent money on a one day occasion that didn’t mean a damn thing… priceless

  3. its not a DIY, just the image header…thanks though

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