For all you power hungry ‘painters’ out there…

Fuck you…

So, i’m 1 of 4 people in the computer lab right now, 2 of which are fucking Dots, yes, the lab assistants…

I’m minding my own business, when a dot comes up to me and asks me if the cell phone plugged into the wall is mine, i obviously reply yes…

He tells me that i’m not allowed to plug that into the wall and charge my phone…

WOW…it is a sunday afternoon, their boss isn’t here, and you’re telling ME, not to use an outlet?

ok…we’ll see how that works out…


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  1. Yep, UMKC just blows. Transfered here 2 years ago, haven’t had a single f0ckin professor who actually taught a class. Just a bunch of student teachers. wtf do professors do?

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