19th annual sewage olympics..that’s awesome

i just heard this on NPR and decided to look it up, and found it at NY1.com…(direct link to full article)


bass pro shop vandals – just 3 teenagers…kansas city news

3 teenagers decided to fuck up the bass pro shop construction site in independence. each faces a max prosecution of 39 years in prison…Joshua A. Bacus, Jason R. Culbertson, and Christopher M. Walters, 19, all from Blue Springs, are charged with five counts of first degree tampering with a motor vehicle and one count of first degree property damage. They each face 39 years behind bars.

Jerome McInnis – Ford worker lost his job, but wins the lottery…wow

im glad someone won the lottery that could use the money, especially after his job was about to end due to ford shutdown…

Full story:


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California wildfire due to arson $500K reward

remember that aronsist that caused the death of some firefighters? now there is a $500K bounty on this guy’s head…this person it completely screwed…

cnn story:


Mus cypriacus

ancient mouse survives man…the whole story here @ CNN

Kim Jong-Il is out of his damn mind…

everyone in south korea must be getting ready to boat the hell out of there… this dude is nuts…

cnn news update on nukes in korea

2 people down in NYC crash

 what pisses me off about this, is that so many people were saying “is this another terrorist attack?!!!”…no of course it is not a terrorist attack, who the hell uses a plane on an apartment building…

but, again, stupidity is high in the human race…one moron described the scene as someone doing tricks in the sky, more like trying to save themselves from compltete destruction