Playstation 3 – waiting in the cold at 3am…Putnum, CT

i was not one of the unlucky souls doing this, instead i was in the comfort of my own home.   but i was talking to td about the possibility of someone getting robbed after they grabbed their ps3…

then i looked up some news this morning…a bunch of people were robbed while waiting in line, one man was SHOT...then when the floodgates were opened, one man was injured running in to a pole trying to get the goods…


full story:


quadcore – a little too rich for me…

a preorder for a quadcore is around $1,100, now i dont know about you guys, but doesnt that seem a bit much?

i beat lifehacker on a post…but so did many others

its nothing special, but its nice to know i was a little faster…heres my original post on it, when i found through another wordpress blog: GO.GO.GO

who needs a Wii from target in kansas city?

someone actually wants to buy a crap maxtor hd??

what ever happened to seagate? this person if a flat out moron…

mwave can save you $98 on a pII processor!!

wow guys, wouldnt that be great if i could go and buy a completely outdated processor?!!!

and save $98 over retail price?…WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!! go get yourself a couple sodas…

Who wants a usb christmas tree?

doesnt everyone?