Spam…tastes good, but not so much on wordpress

i dont know if i get a lot of spam on here or not, but since ive been up and running:

Akismet has caught 6,285 spam for you since you first installed it.


woot and its offs

is it just me, or are there more woot offs more often now? for those of you who dont know…

Does anyone remember the movie Down Periscope?

imdb has 5000 ratings on it giving it basically a 5/10…but i like the movie a lot…

it’s just a TV movie, but thats ok, its free…

the cast is a little mixed, but i think it’s funny anyways…


19th annual sewage olympics..that’s awesome

i just heard this on NPR and decided to look it up, and found it at…(direct link to full article)


spelling clearly counts for nothing…

i was reading an ad, and found a couple misspellings that just made me laugh…

red leather cowch 250.00 dollars 

intertainment center 20.00 


the stuffed ones attacking sherry while sleeping…


Td and the crazy word game taboo…it’ll get interesting

here’s some video of td…2nd one is the best…he has no idea “toy story”