craigslist moron of the day – 11.15.06

another dbag who is trying to sell their xbox for a crazy price…it’s probably the same guy, but we have his phone number now…

call him and say he’s stupid…go ahead


*special – craigslist moron of the day 2!!! – 11.09.06

i got lucky and found someone selling an xbox for $400…hahaha…they want to sell it to get a xbox360, sure they have 40 games, but thats not worth shit when you can mod the xbox…

sorry pal, but your box is worth maybe $100 with the games

xbox – system link

if you havent played games using system link yet, then you are missing out.  the xbox linked up with 2 tv’s makes gameplay much much easier…its amazing doing splintercell co-op on two screens.

splinter cell – double agent…awesome game

theres an option to do versus now…sadly, the multiplayer versus kind of sucks…actually, its terrible, not what i expected at all.

this game itself is fantastic though…although you may get frustrated with your co-op partner at times…

the co-op gameplay is pretty fun, but it is short and was beaten quickly on expert..

the singleplayer is fun, but is pretty hard on expert…oh well, a game isnt a game without a challenge..

beat pad pro…

with the xbox pad spliced to a usb input into my computer, i can now play stepmania in peace…

this pad is alright, but for $15 bucks, can you really beat that?

splinter cell – double agent

i am very excited about getting to play this, and yet i know it was released on xbox 2 days ago, ive been busy…

looks fantastic though